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Crighton Goodwill
Executive Music Producer

With 20 years in the entertainment industry, Crighton Goodwill is one of South Africa’s most accomplished and astute producers both within the music and broader television industry. His strength lies in bridging the gap between the television and music worlds achieving the results for both sides. Projects worked on include Coke Studio, Idols, Masterchef and Mnet Channel branding.

Brian O'Shea 
Executive Producer

Brian O’shea is a multi-ward winning executive television and music producer. With over 25 years experience, he has produced some of South Africa’s most successful music artists, many of whom achieved international status. Beyond the music he also brings critical project management skills necessary to lead a large multi-platform team in delivering successful outcomes. 

Carol 2.png
Carol Jenkins
Neo Leoka
Head of Television
& Supervising Producer
Project Assistant

Carol Jenkins is an award-winning multi-format executive and series television producer, specialising in reality TV series. Her expertise in this field lies in the successful conceptualising and management of the creative direction of shows from budget to production and final delivery. Past projects include Masterchef Finale, The Bachelor SA, Coke Studio, Culture Shock, Live@5 and Metro FM Awards.

With a solid background in project management and music co-ordination, Neo is invaluable in production implementation, PR, media, digital co-ordination & distribution.

wilson profile.jpg
Wilson Okafor
Music Director

Wilson is an Entertainment & Media Professional specializing in audiovisual products, audio production, live recordings, live show productions, music video production, sitcom, music and artists promotion, music project for the Cultural and Creative Industry. Past projects include Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, Fiesta Awards, Global Citizen Concert, Toyota Live, Vodacom Next Level, Coke Studio

Mpho Pholo (37Mph)
Music Producer

Mpho Pholo, also known as 37mph is an award-winning music producer and composer. Mpho’s ever-evolving skill set includes playing the piano, music direction, live music production and DJing. Past projects include The Voice, The Bantu Hour, Coke Studio, Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards, Dancing with the Star SA.

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