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Readying your tracks for radio release as well as digital platforms. 


$70.00 Regular Price
$56.00Sale Price
  • Delivery will take up to 48 hours. Your masters will be sent to your email via WeTransfer.

    These are the mastered formats I will provide:

    CD - 16bit,44KHz (-9LUFS)

    Radio - 24bit, 48KHz (-9LUFS)

    24Bit, 48KHz - Softer master for most digital platforms which require loudness at +-14LUFS

    MP3, 320kbps - Radio, Ringtone Services

    Mp3, 192kbps - Ringtone Services

    We will also provide:

    Performance Backtrack

    Acapella Vocals

    Instrumental Backtrack 

    Group Stems (Usually used for live performance)

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